Hizmet İçi Eğitim: 'Classroom Management-Can You Please be Easier on Us- the Teachers?'




09:30 - 12:00


Sezgi Yalın

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Mühendislik A2 Binası 1.Kat Seminer Salonu (1020No'lu Salon)


Classroom Management – Can You Please be Easier on Us, the Teachers?


Classroom management is a topic of constant worry and consistently ranks as the most pressing concern for teachers in many different contexts. It can also sometimes be very difficult to define as lots of factors contribute to its functioning. In this workshop, participants are going to be invited to redefine classroom management and taken through a series of tasks with the idea of assisting them in making the classroom management less challenging and thus maximizing student involvement and interest.



Sezgi Yalin earned her M.A. as a Fulbright scholar in teaching English as a foreign language at the University of Illinois in Chicago. She worked as an English teacher, teacher trainer and director of studies in the USA and Poland, and gained additional experience in the field in various countries such as the UK, Spain, Egypt, China, Nepal, Tibet, Vietnam, Cyprus and Turkey. A freelance Pilgrims and CELTA trainer, Sezgi currently spends half of her year training teachers at St. Giles International Language Learning and Teacher Training Center in San Francisco. In the rest of the year, when she is not traveling to teach or train, she is a stay-at-home mother. Visit www.sezgiyalinteachingntravelling to read more about Sezgi’s work in ELT and her travel experiences around the world.