Frequently asked questions

  • What if I exceeded my absenteeism limit?

If your absenteeism limit is exceeded, you will not be allowed to take the final exam and will be required to retake this course when it is offered.

  • How can I find out about my absent hours?

You are required to keep track of your own attendance hours. Your instructors, however, will announce the number of hours missed before midterm exam.

  • Will I be entitled to a make-up exam if I fail to take an exam?

Medical reports, if submitted in due course with proper following of the regulations of the university may be accepted as an excuse for your absenteeism and you will be given a make up exam. There is no make up for the final  exam. 

  • What happens if I miss the final exam? 

You will be given a final retake exam .

  • What if I have clashing class hours?

No clashing hour absenteeism is excused. If a student has any clashing hours, he/she can use the given absenteeism hours during the term. If a student comes across Non-Attendance failure, Department of Modern Languages will not be accepting any responsibilities about this issue. 

  • How can I learn whether there are any prerequisites of the courses I take?

You can get information about this issue from the Course Memos and the course documents (Bologna documents) on our website.

  • Am I marked absent for a lesson if I have a medical report?

Medical reports do not help reduce your your absent hours; they only make you eligible for  a make-up for the exams /evaluations that you have missed due your illness.

  • I transferred from another university. Is it possible for me to have the English courses I took at my previous university counted at the Department of Modern Languages, Atılım University?

Yes, you can have these courses counted as long as the Administration of the Department of Modern Languages accept these courses as equal to those offered at DML. You should take all your documents and transcripts to your own department to be sent to DML for the required process.

  • How can I contact my instructor?

Your instructors can be reached via emails or at office telephones.