The Department of Foreign Languages aims to provide the English language support and assistance to undergraduate students to fully participate and succeed in their respective fields. The department with highly qualified English language professionals is committed to excellence in teaching and service in the following disciplines: communication skills, critical reading, research and presentation skills, academic writing, and report writing. The department strives to serve students by providing a wide range  of learning and acquisition opportunities that foster four basic language skills. Through effective teaching methods and techniques, the department endeavors to contribute significantly to the academic enrichment and the quality of life on campus.

Educational Objectives
The Department of Foreign Languages through its courses seeks:

To foster students’ abilities to read closely, think deeply and critically, research effectively, write with a clear purpose and clarity .

To enrich the educational, social, cultural, and professional lives of the students by providing a variety of curricular offerings, discussions , conferences etc.

To support the mission of Atilim University including commitment to excellence in education, research, and public service.